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Breakthrough Technology

Shine Armor Engine Booster is formulated with breakthrough in engine coating technology. Our performance booster engine treatment is formulated to reverse wear in engine bearings by building a carbon coating. It provides quick, convenient, and effective engine oil treatment for a quiet, smooth and efficient performance. Our groundbreaking gear oil is made in the USA using scientifically-backed technology that will quickly boost engine performance in all vehicles.

Groundbreaking formula
Universally Compatible
Quality Assured
Money Back Guarantee

Why Use Engine Boost?
If your vehicle has a noisy engine, our performance enhancing engine oil can help! Shine Armor Performance Booster can make the engine in your car, motorcycle, diesel truck, lawn mower and more run better, more efficiently, and quieter. When engine bearings wear away due to use, your engine can become noisy, but one treatment of Shine Armor Performance Booster can create a strong coating that will endure several oil changes. Enjoy optimal performance, longer. Engine oils have become very thin because of government mandates for increased mpg requirements. Thin oil and new start stop technology increases wear, reducing the life of your engine parts. Our Engine Performance Booster will protect your engine and give it a longer life.

Easy To Use Engine Boost
Add Shine Armor Engine Boost to your engine oil. Add it effortlessly during your oil change to a warmed up or cooled down engine. The ceramic coating will form as you drive.

Treat Any Engine
Our Engine Boost is compatible with all engines, and all types of motor oil, both conventional and synthetic. It can be added to gas or diesel engines.

  • OPTIMAL ENGINE PERFORMANCE. Our performance booster engine treatment reverses wear in bearings by building a carbon coating, providing effective gas treatment for quiet, smooth and efficient performance.
  • GROUNDBREAKING FORMULA GEAR OIL. This revolutionary engine oil additive is made in the USA, and contains scientifically backed synthetic oil nanoparticles to boost engine performance.
  • UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE. Our Engine Performance Booster oil treatment is compatible with all types of motor oil and can be used in both gas and diesel engines, and old and new cars.
  • QUALITY ASSURED. We know you will be delighted with this ground-breaking engine additive technology. Our oil additive treatment is formulated using the latest technology and backwards-compatible with all vehicles.

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