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  • Produxa Car Sealant Wat Waterless Wash

    Some Frequently Asked Questions about PRODUXA Premium

    HOW LONG WILL A 16 OZ BOTTLE LAST? The 16 oz bottle will generally be good for 8-15 midsize car applications because you won't need as much if you pre-wash your vehicle and remove all contaminants before applying PRODUXA Premium the first time. mental influences. If you use the product as waterless-wash you will need more of the product. You need only very little for each section. Heavily spraying only wastes the product.

    HOW FREQUENTLY DO I NEED TO APPLY THE PRODUCT? The coating usually lasts for up to 6 months, depending on the environmental influences. Depending on how often you wash the car and what chemicals you use the lifespan might be shorter. For a daily driver, we recommend applying the product at least every 3-6 months to keep up the optimal protection for your vehicle. Some people apply a couple of layers in the first 24 hours to build a harder protective coating and a deeper shine. PRODUXA Premium can also be used as a drying agent after washing to add a layer of protection as you dry your vehicle. We do recommend applying the product periodically (once a month) so you can enjoy the shine & protection for another 6 to 12 months.

    HOW DO I CLEAN/WASH THE CAR ONCE PRODUXA PREMIUM IS APPLIED? When you first get PRODUXA Premium, wash the vehicle first, dry it, then apply it according to the directions on the label. When it comes time for a cleaning, you can simply use PRODUXA Premium to clean and reapply more layers. The chances of scratching are lower than washing with soap and water since PRODUXA Premium is already on the surface and much slicker than soap. If the vehicle is extremely dirty or if it has been weeks or months and PRODUXA Premium may have worn down, then wash the car with soap, dry it, and re-apply PRODUXA according to the directions.

    FOR WHAT SURFACES IS THE PRODUCT SUITABLE? You can use the product on all vehicles like Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Boats, RVs, etc. and on all surfaces made of Ceramic, Plastic, Chrome, Tile, Metal, Glass, Acrylic, Fiberglass, Granite, Marble and other stones. PRODUXA Premium works fantastic on stainless steel, cabinets, backsplashes, glass, mirrors, etc. as grease will wipe easily off, fingerprints won’t stick, it won’t leave behind a greasy, sticky residue, it's not flammable, and it brings out the natural look of the materials you coat.

    CAN I USE IT WITH MY CAR BEING CERAMIC COATED? Yes, the product works perfectly on Ceramic coated vehicles.

    DOES THIS PRODUCT OFFER PROTECTION AGAINST SUNLIGHT, RAIN, AND OTHER ENVIRONMENTAL INFLUENCES? PRODUXA Premium effectively protects any surface against harsh UV solar rays, pollution, water spots, bug or bird residues, and road grime. It won't fully repel dust and pollen, but makes cleaning them off easier afterward.

    DOES PRODUXA PREMIUM PREVENT WATER-SPOTTING? When it rains tiny beads will appear, and sit on the surface until they get large enough to run off. Rain water takes pollutants and minerals out of the air. Even water for home use contains minerals. When surface water containing these minerals evaporates, the minerals are left on the surface, i.e., calcium, lime. This is what causes water spots. The only way to prevent water spots is to remove the water from the surface.