Pearl Nano Perfection Snow Foam/Shampoo 1:256!!!!

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Perfection Foam Cannon Power Soap
Perfection Foam Cannon Heavy Duty PH Balanced Soap with Gloss Enhancers.

Mix 1:10 (100ml per 1 litre) - Use a foam Lance or bucket of water
Mix 1:256 (4ml per 10litres)
  • WORKS RIGHT AWAY - Our Ultra Concentrated Car Wash Soap is designed to make cleaning your car easier than ever before!
  • Take care of your vehicles exterior clear coat by washing away and removing harmful dirt, grime, tar, and bugs with our high concentrate car wash soap!
  • UNIVERSAL USE - Made to be used easily with a pressure washer foaming gun sprayer or traditional bucket method to completely cover your car with a thick coat of our all purpose soap/shampoo cleaner. Works great on bugs and tar! Can be used with either a foam cannon or traditional bucket method car wash!
  • SAFE ON EXISTING CERAMICS & WAXES - Will not remove any wax or ceramic coating that is already applied to your vehicle. Easily wash your car at your house with a traditional bucket or foam cannon or pressure washer!
  • NOW WITH SUPER GLOSS ENHANCERS! This is a premium, high-quality, concentrated snow foaming soap! It is formulated with a unique blend of biodegradable surfactants. When activated with water, these surfactants create a deep cleaning, foamy lather, that lifts away grime and dirt with ease. The pH balanced foaming action, combined with the super gloss enhancing properties, ensure extra lubrication when washing. ½ ounce per gallon of water ratio! Our soap makes 256 gallons of car washing soap!

a snow foam can be applied through a pressure washer or foam gun. It covers the vehicle in a rich blanket of foam that clings to paintwork to gently loosen dirt and heavy soiling. Using a snow foam as a pre-wash can reduce the risk of scratches and swirls as it gently loosens dirt which is then rinsed off prior to shampooing

  • Cleans and improves look of vehicle paintwork
  • High tolerance to hard water to give equal results, no matter the water quality
  • pH Balanced Neutral
  • Leaves a smooth, high quality finish to vehicle paintwork