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Crystal Anti-Fog helps to give you clear vision, even under the toughest conditions. Our advanced formula can be applied quickly and safely to leave a transparent micro-thin anti-fog coating. 
Crystal Anti-Fog has an intensive anti-mist formula with advanced moisture absorption. It is both safe on plastics and glass providing anti-static. Our Advanced Formula protects your windscreen, windows, and mirrors and even your Visor. and if used on the outside of the visor, rain will bead off to further improve safety.

contains no harmful solvents making it allergy and environmentally safe

Directions for Use

 Step 1 - Ensure area is clean and contaminant free using Jewels - Diamond Glass Cleaner

  • Step 2 - Shake bottle to activate Advanced formula.
  • Step 3 - Spray a light mist of Anti-Fog onto the surface and wipe gently with microfibre cloth or Pad