1000 GSM Buffing Cloth *Multi-Buy Discount*

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When you've polished or waxed your car, and need the residue removing, look no further than our buffing towel

Extra plush buffing towel

Ultra soft suede edging 

1000 GSM thick pile non scratch microfibre

This thick, plush microfibre towel is made from 1000gsm microfibre material, which is constructed of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. It is super absorbent, and very large. It makes light work of buffing wax or of removing water from the surface of your car after rinsing.

The thick pile means that any unwanted particles sitting on the surface of your paint are held within the fibres and this reduces the chance of scratches to the paint surface.

  • 1000gsm microfiber cloth
  • Edged with a soft velvety material that won't scratch paintwork
  • Produced without any sewn in tags; these can also scratch paintwork
  • Colours Vary
  • Comes in a clear polythene bag
  • Machine washable (we recommend washing at 40°c)
  • We recommend tumble drying to retain softness