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Amethyst - Ceramic Detailer – SIO2 Infused Technology

 Amethyst Ceramic Detailer is our advanced, industry leading, SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) Infused spray sealant/detailer that produces super high levels of durability with hydrophobic protection. Originally used as a Waterless Wash maintenance product for our 9H ceramic coating, Ceramic Detailer was re-designed to also work brilliantly as a highly durable, stand alone sealant with high levels of Si02.


Laboratory Engineered and tested by Professional Detailers from around the world. No other silica sealant can actually clean, seal and protect at the same time.


 Amethyst Ceramic Detailer adds a protective barrier that actively repels dirt and grime from sticking to your vehicle's surface.

✔ Safe for all solid finishes - Paint, Glass, Chrome, Plastic

✔ Eco-friendly – NO WATER REQUIRED (if using as waterless wash)

✔ Long-lasting protection with a mirror-like finish

✔ Easy to Apply

✔ SIO2 Infused



1) Spray onto a Clean, Damp (with product) microfibre towel and few sprays onto surface Approx. 40cm x 40cm

2) Gently wipe the surface with Towel to buff in the product.

3) Using either other side of Towel or new towel, wipe product off (before it HAZES/ Dries)

4) Repeat Step 1-3 until entire Vehicle is complete.

5) Let Product Cure for 7 Minutes

6) stand back admire shine

7) take a picture and share with us :)