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500ml -Pearl Nano Interior
500ml - Pearl Nano Decon Ceramic Coating Prep Spray - Surface Prep Spray
500ml - Pearl Nano Tire Gel - Non Sling Tire Shine Gel
500ml - Pearl Nano Max Waterless Car Wash & Detail Spray - Spray Wax
500ml - Pearl Nano Foam Cannon Soap/shampoo - Foaming Soap
500ml -Pearl Nano Ceramic Waterless Car Wash - Infused with Sio2 
500ml - Pearl Nano Metal X - Iron Fallout 
500ml - Pearl Nano Water Spot Killer - Also brilliant Alloy Cleaner 

Plus 5 X 1000GSM Buffing Towel

If you would like to try Pearl Nano's Detailing Products, this is the best way to try them all!

Pearl Nano Interior Detailer

Pearl Nano Interior Detailer is safe for use on interior vinyl, plastic and leather surfaces. Cleans light dirt & grime, while leaving behind a non-greasy matte finish. The Anti-static and Sun Blocking Agents bounce off dust and protect against sun damage.

Pearl Nano Water Spot Killer

This Water Spot Killer (Lite Acid) is designed to remover hard water/ mineral deposits on glass windows, chrome and paint. It also works great to remove heavy duty grime, brake dust etc. on wheels and paint. 


When using on glass, it is best to dilute this product 50/50 with water.

Pearl Nano MAX Perfection Wax

If you're tired of using products that look good but don't last you'll want to try Spray Wax. This spray wax is quick acting, and super easy to spray on and wipe off, leaving your car with a slick surface and glossy finish in just 15 minutes. Our Brazilian Carnauba wax car spray seals and polishes the surface of your car with no streaks and no residue left behind! 

Get a head-turning, show car shine with our quick and easy spray wax, designed to protect and polish away dust and fingerprints, leaving you with a lustrous shine. Our car wax spray is formulated with a combination of carnauba wax and advanced polymers which work to block damage caused by UV Rays and environmental contaminants, and provide a lasting and durable shine. 

Perfection Foam Cannon Power Soap


Perfection Foam Cannon Heavy Duty PH Balanced Soap with Gloss Enhancers.

Mix 1:10 (100ml per 1 litre) - Use a foam Lance or bucket of water

Mix 1:128 (8ml per 10litres)WORKS RIGHT AWAY - Our Ultra Concentrated Car Wash Soap is designed to make cleaning your car easier than ever before!

  • Take care of your vehicles exterior clear coat by washing away and removing harmful dirt, grime, tar, and bugs with our high concentrate car wash soap!
  • UNIVERSAL USE - Made to be used easily with a pressure washer foaming gun sprayer or traditional bucket method to completely cover your car with a thick coat of our all purpose soap/shampoo cleaner. Works great on bugs and tar! Can be used with either a foam cannon or traditional bucket method car wash!
  • SAFE ON EXISTING CERAMICS & WAXES - Will not remove any wax or ceramic coating that is already applied to your vehicle. Easily wash your car at your house with a traditional bucket or foam cannon or pressure washer!
  • NOW WITH SUPER GLOSS ENHANCERS! This is a premium, high-quality, concentrated snow foaming soap! It is formulated with a unique blend of biodegradable surfactants. When activated with water, these surfactants create a deep cleaning, foamy lather, that lifts away grime and dirt with ease. The pH balanced foaming action, combined with the super gloss enhancing properties, ensure extra lubrication when washing. ½ ounce per gallon of water ratio! Our soap makes 256 gallons of car washing soap!


Pearl Nano Speedcoat Perfection
#1 Ceramic Waterless Car Wash, Paint Sealant and Ceramic Coating Maintenance Spray/ Quick Detailer. OVER 1.5 million bottles sold in 2019.



This is the world's best Ceramic Coating Maintenance Spray. 
It Safely Cleans, Seals and Protects...All at once.No Other Product Does This! This is the perfect blend of surfactants and SiO2 ceramic coating science.
Just Spray on, Gently Rub in with a soft, clean microfiber towel, and buff off the remaining residue with another clean, microfiber towel...before it dries.


Repeat until the car is clean, sealed and looks amazing.


20 years in the making. This is the product that you can use on the car, in the kitchen, and at the office. 

Pearl Nano Tire Gel is a TIRE SHINE & EXTERIOR TRIM Rejuvenator.  
If you prefer your tires & trim to look rich, dark and glossy black, without slinging, then this is the one for you! 
Pearl Nano Perfection Tire Gel is a unique, water-based, polymer infused silicone tire compound.
It is designed to protect and beautify rubber and plastic surfaces against the effects of damaging UV rays, while achieving a truly clean, high gloss shine!
This is a thick, wipe-on tire gel/ tire shine formula, that is easy to apply.
It offers ultra-durability that will last through many washings and even survive driving in the rain. 

Pearl Nano Metal X 


Iron & Brake Dust Remover for wheels, windows and paint. Use it to decontaminate painted surfaces or as a highly effective wheel cleaner and brake dust remover.

Pearl Nano Decon Ceramic Coating Prep Spray 

is the perfect coating prep cleaner for removing polish oil residue and old waxes from all surfaces. Be sure to use this before applying ceramic coatings or waxes. Pearl Nano Decon Ceramic Coating Prep Spray is a combination of mild solvents that dissolves and removes all wax and oil based contaminants and leaves the paint super clean and ready for final ceramic coating protection. Pearl Nano Decon Ceramic Coating Prep Spray is safe to use on all paint, glass, plastic and metal surfaces. It is a simple spray on and wipe off application system that makes it easy to safely decontaminate any surface in seconds! Please Note: This take the place of the IPA (isopropyl alcohol) wipe down. Use Pearl Nano Decon Ceramic Coating Prep Spray instead.