Jewels - Citrine Citrus Pre Wash (Concentrate - Dilute up to 100x)

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Citrine is a powerful yet gentle pre-wash/multi-purpose cleaner that rapidly breaks down dirt and grime upon contact. It has a blend of deep cleaning detergents infused with Citrus Oil to give fast-acting cleaning, removing the toughest of grime with ease! Citrine is also ideal for removing road grime, bug splatter, moss and mildew from all painted, plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces. Safe to use and very effective, and leaves a streak- free finish.

Citrine is gentle cleaner that will clean almost any surface and rapidly remove dirt and grime. Ideal for pre-spraying many different parts of the car. Lower door panels, bumpers and badges, wheels arches, engines & door shuts, convertible roofs, tyres  and pretty much everything it touches! Citrine is ideal for all types of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks etc.

Citrine is also safe for all glass and plastic windows and other delicate areas and materials found on vehicles. It can be diluted as far as 1:100 for extremely economical use during summer weather, and can be used in heavier concentrations to eliminate even the nastiest of road grime.


Dilute up to 1:100 for light Cleaning – 1:30 for general cleaning 1:5 Extreme heavy dirt removal

Top tip add some Citrine into snow foam lance for extra cleaning power!