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Benefits of Using Purified Water

here are a few common reasons why deionized water are preferred for cleaning in detailing:

1.Can eliminate odours sometimes found very hard tap water
2.Dilutes chemicals properly without introducing extra minerals
Dries faster than tap water (with no water spots left behind)
3.Deionized water lack ions to conduct electricity and can be used to clean electronics
4.Better prepares the clear coat for waxing or sealants. Claying may be needed if tap water is used.

Can be used in batteries. Steam irons. Radiators

Perfect for Rinsing your car


We use the following method to produce our ULTRA PURE DEIONISED WATER;

Mains water enters our building and the first phase of the water purification process is an organic trap, where a special resin removes most of the organic matter. Next, the water passes through a twin-bed deioniser, where one anionic tank removes the cat ions whilst the other cationic tank removes the An ions.  By now, the maximum level of impurities in the water is 10 µS/cm, already much LOWER than traditional distilled water: it is typically much lower – around 1 µS/cm.

To further reduce impurities, the water is then passed through a mixed bed resin, where impurities are reduced to < 1 µS/cm.